Follow the money: crony-Pscholka can be bought

pscholkaPart of the good-ol-boys club, or more pointedly, the corrupt bastards club, Al Pscholka has been caught taking money from interests for his proper vote on the floor.

From the Herald-Palladium:

Cindy Duran of St. Joseph is challenging Pscholka in August’s Republican primary.

Duran said just days after Pscholka helped get Medicaid expansion passed in September 2013, the CEO of Meridian Health Plan of Michigan donated $15,000 to Pscholka’s PAC to fund his “quest to run for Speaker of the Michigan House.”

According to Michigan campaign finance reports, the CEO of Meridian Health Plan, David Cotton, donated $15,000 to Pscholka Results PAC on Oct, 18, 2013. On that same day, Meridian Health’s chief financial officer, chief information officer and vice president of finance each donated $2,000 to the PAC. Meridian’s chief development officer donated $1,000.

Pscholka countered:

“That is not for my campaign,” he said. “That is not for my use. They contribute money so we (Republicans) can keep the majority. It has nothing to do with my campaign.”

“To think people are standing outside doors writing checks based on votes isn’t how it works,” he said.

No, of course not, that’s not how it works, no one is waiting outside the door to give money for good ol boys being good ol boys, but donating before the vote would be pretty damned obvious, now wouldn’t it?

That’s how the crony capitalists work.  They use fascistic methods to “spread the wealth” just like the Democrats do, but we are supposed to assume Pscholka’s intent is pure simply because he’s a Republican?

The Medicaid expansion vote will haunt the current corrupt bastard’s club for years, leading up to the eventual bankruptcy of Michigan because they followed Obama in his quest for government takeover of healthcare.

Duran is on top of it, and clearly an underdog, but it takes courage to point out how our nation is going down the tubes, and Pscholka’s money trail is just the tip of the iceberg.

LYING Dave Pagel Promotes His New Sales Tax as Better Than Reagan

pagelLYING Dave Pagel says he’s the anti-Reagan for proposing new taxes.  This, from an eye-witness at a local meet and greet:

At a meet and greet on Monday Feb 24th 2014, at David’s Delicatessen & Coffee in New Buffalo, hon. Rep Dave Pagel was in attendance. He stated to me publicly that “…..unlike President Reagan who TRIPLED the national debt by lowering taxes; his modest 1% sales tax increase wouldn’t even be felt by the folks in Michigan”. I was in disbelief, I though Congress had everything to do with spending the windfall (and Congress at that time was in Democratic hands). So rep.Pagel bumbled into it one more time, He “dissed” Reagan, covered for Democratic overspending and pressed for higher taxes…now he deflects and blames Agema for being divisive.

Good luck getting elected for lying about Reagan’s record and trying to better Dutch for proposing a tax INCREASE.

That Pagel RINO has to go.

I hope LYING Dave Pagel gets trounced, embarrassingly so.

pagelMichigan Representative Dave Pagel is a damn liar, and he should be thrown out of office.

Just read what he says in this article and you can see he’s the one who had better watch how he talks.

“When you say something stupid and you’re called on it, you probably ought to apologize and back down, but he (Agema) didn’t,” Pagel said. “He basically doubled down.”

YOU LIE PAGEL!  He has apologized for posting a link to his facebook here. That’s one lie for Pagel.

“I don’t want to be associated with people who make comments against other groups who either have different choices in lifestyle or religious choices,” he said.

Really Dave?  So no one can make comments about gays and muslims unless it is in a very positive light, is that right?  Political correctness is American suicide.

“He has made statements passing judgement against the whole gay lifestyle, calling it ‘filthy,’

YOU LIE PAGEL! He did not ever, never once, ever call the gay lifestyle “filthy.” That’s lie number two.

“saying they only want marriage because they’re dying of AIDS and they need the health benefits,”

YOU LIE PAGEL!   See how these worthless politicians distort meanings?  Pagel added the word, “only” to a personal story Agema gave.  He never said it, and it changes the meaning entirely.  That’s three lies IN ONE ARTICLE!

“Just crazy, ridiculous statements. He’s made statements against Muslims, also. I don’t know what his problem is.”

What is Pagel’s problem?  That is the question.

Pagel is upset that Agema’s PAC is giving to his primary opponent.  But Pagel deserves to lose after voting for the Obamacare Exchange, voted for Medicaid Expansion out of the competitiveness committee and then on floor, voted for common core, voted for an increase in hunting/fishing fees, is talking locally about raising sales tax to 7%, and on and on.

So Pagel is using Agema’s name to get people to forget that Pagel isn’t a fiscal conservative, and wants to raise your taxes.

I hope he gets trounced, embarrassingly so.